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Karg Industrietechnik - The company

Since the establishment of our company in the year 1971, we produce and sell test and measuring instruments as well as machines and instruments for the plastic industry.

From the raw material examination (density, humidity, melt-flow index) over the production of standarized specimen (AIM ISO Mould, CNC milling machines, notching machines, hollow die punching machines) up to mechanical testing instruments (impact strength, tensile strength/compression/bending test) we offer an almost complete package for the processing and compounding industry and last not least for the raw material manufacturer.

Moreover we sell tempering furnaces, heating/cooling/climatic cabinets, industrial furnaces, etc. which not only used in the plastic processing industry but also used in the electronic industry (e.g. for Burn in tests), in the automotive industry or at universities, etc.

Why Karg Industrietechnik?

  • With a comprehensive performance we offer the fitting for nearly each setting of tasks.
  • To an application-oriented and individually tailored advice we attach completely particular importance.
  • Apart from the supply of single devices, we are also in a the position planning to offer supply and start-up of complete laboratory equipment.
  • As service enterprise we offer beyond that user trainings, maintenance and calibration of testing sets.

Job advertisement 

Current employments offered by KARG - if available - find within the range "News".