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Lab equipment "Film"

Testing instruments for plastic films

The packaging market is in transformation: materials as paper, pasteboard or also aluminium become increasingly replaced through flexible and functional packaging films. In this market the quality demand on barrier or shrinkage films became increasingly more importance.
In order to be raked also in the future to the orders during the production from high-quality films, also an advanced quality control measurement technology for the backup of the product quality becomes necessary.
We offer to you various measuring and testing devices for the characterization of raw materials (granular material) as also instruments for the characterization of mechanical, electric and optical qualities at films. Following table gives you a view of our subjects to availability. These devices are used worldwide at the tallest film manufacturers and are established themselves in the meantime as standardized testing methods at the market.


Purpose Method/Standard Figure
Strip Cutter

For the preparation of film specimens (10, 15 or 25 mm) for the determination of mechanical properties


Universal testing machine

Determination of the elastic modulus, tension and tensile strength

ISO 527
Friction peel tester

Determination of the static and dynamic friction coefficien

Melt Index Tester Determination of the MFR- / MVR - value on raw materials ISO 1133
Heating oven For the determination of the shrinkage on films different
Falling dart tester For the determination fo the impact resistance on films ASTM D 1709
Density balance For the density determination on granule or films different
Moisture meter For the determination of the moistrue of granule material different
Haze gard plus For the determination of haze, transmission and clarity on films different
Spectrophotometer For the color measurement, as well as for the determination of the opacity different
Gloss meter For the gloss measurement (45°)on films used on a black suction plate different