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Glossmeter type micro-gloss / micro-TRI-gloss

Efficient gloss measurement makes your QC faster

The new micro-gloss combines the well known easy-of-use and protected calibration in the holder with a new and unique fuctionality - designed for today´´s QC standard.

Instrument conformity:

  • ASTM D 523, ASTM D 2457
  • ISO 2813, ISO 7668
  • DIN 67530
  • JIS Z 8741

With the new micro-gloss you can measure any material - paints, plastics or highly reflective metals. Its new expanded measurement range of up to 2000 gloss units guarantees always reliable results - according to international standards and is DIN-approved.

The long-term stable light source and patented illumination control provide a superior accuracy for many years. Lamp changes will no longer be needed, we even give you a 10 year guarantee on the lamp life.

Auto diagnosis:

The calibration standard is always protected and exactly positioned in the holder. New: the intelligent auto diagnosis tells you when to calibrate and even checks whether the standard is clean. Operator friendly. Safe.

Technische Spezifikation:

Instrument type

   Geometry    Application    Measuring area
micro-gloss 20°    20°    High gloss    10 x 10 mm
micro-gloss 60°    60°    Semi gloss    9 x 15 mm
micro-gloss 85°    85°    Low gloss    5 x 38 mm
micro-TRI-gloss    20°, 60°, 85°    Universal    see single geometry

Data Sheet
Continuous:actual value, average, min., max.
Difference and Pass/Fail:mamory for 50 standards withz pass/fail limits
Statistics:Number of readings per sample are selectable from 2 - 99
Memory:999 readings with date and time, with recall function
Interface / Software:RS 232 serial, easy link (included)
Long-term calibration:with automatic check of the calibration standard
Autorange:0 - 2000 GU (20°) 0 - 1000 GU (60°) 0 - 160 GU (85°)
Measuring time:0,5 seconds/ geometry
Languages:german, french, english, italian, japanese, spanish
Auto shut-off time:selectable from 10 - 99 seconds
Power supply:one 1,5 V AA Alkaline Battery 10000 readings or external power supply
Data sheet/brochure available on request
Windows-Software available
Download Leaflet Glossmeter

Glossmeter type micro-TRI-gloss µ

Gloss and Thickness in one Instrument

Gloss and thickness are important QC criteria for coatings. The micro-TRI-gloss μ measures both in seconds - at the same measurement spot.

  • Universal applications and easy to use
  • Gloss 20°, 60° und 85° - for high gloss to matte surfaces
  • Dual thickness sensor - measures on steel (Ferrous) as well as aluminium (Non-Ferrous)
  • Press one button for calibration in the protective holder
  • Statistics with averaging, standard deviation, and storage of measured values (7 x 599)
  • RS 232 - Interface allows you to transfer data to a PC or printer
  • easy-link Software included for professional documentation and further analysis in Excel

Technical characteristics and data as micro-TRI-gloss, however with the following technical data for measuring of layer thickness:

Instrument type

   micro-TRI-gloss μ
Substrate: Fe: magnetic; NFe: non magnetic
Measurement Range: 0 to 500 μm
Repeatability: +/- 2%
Basis Tolerance: +/- 1,5 μm

Download Leaflet Glossmeter