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Color and gloss testing instruments

The outside appearance of a product essentially affects the quality judgement, whereby the following criteria are quality-determining:

  • Color
  • Gloss
  • Structure of the surface

Furthermore, for transparent or translucent products also the following characteristics are important:

  • Total transmittance
  • Transmission haze
  • See-through quality
  • Opacity, etc.

The visual evaluation of color, gloss, transparency, etc. is affected strongly by the individual perception of the observer and the external influences (environment color and brightness). In addition the possibilities e.g. a color impression are to be seized into words or documented relatively also limited.

Only the use of optical measuring instruments after internationally standardized systems can remedy create here. Thus an objective description is guaranteed by colored, shining or also transparent products.

In this chapter we want to present various testing instruments for reliable control, examination and a documentation of the optical characteristics.

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