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Instruments for measuring transparency

haze-gard i

The haze-gard i quantifies the visual perception with objective measurement data. Alle essential criteria for transparency can be measured with one instrument:

  • Total transmittance
  • Transmission haze
  • See-through quailty

Global communication:

Haze and transmittance control according to international Standard methods with one unit:

  • ASTM D 1003 - illuminants C and A (non-compensated method)
  • ISO 13468 - illuminant D 65 (compensated method) 

Reliable and precise

With state-of-the-art optics and LED technology, the haze-gard i delivers an unprecedent performance:

  • Reference beam, self-diagnosis and enclosed optics
  • LED light source assures Long-term stable results for many years: 10 year warranty on the lamp life! 
  • Automatic, long-term calibration - Operator friendly and safe

Smart and fast

The new touch display is designed to be intuitive an easy to use for any task:

  • Large touch display in color
  • Symbols to select a menu function
  • Dedicated measurement button
  • Footswitch allows hands-free operation
Data Sheet
Measuring Area:18 mm Diameter
Sample Port:25,4 mm Diameter
Measurement Range:0 to 100%
Repeatability:+/- 0,1 Units
Reproducibility:+/- 0,4 Units
Spectral response:CIE luminosity function y
Illuminants:CIE-C, CIE-A (ASTM D 1003) CIE-D65 (ISO 13468, ISO 14782)
Interface:LAN, USB 2.0, add. front USB-port for Memory stick
Power supply:115/230 V self adapting
Dimensions (WxHxD):62 x 33 x 22 cm
Weight:18 kg
Data sheet/brochure available on request
Windows-Software available
Download Leaflet Haze-gard i