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Teraohmmeter TO-3

Teraohmmeter for tests according DIN IEC 60093, VDE 0303 Teil 30, DIN 53482 and others.
This instrument is used to determine the volume resistivity as well as the surface resistivity by using an electrode.
Mainly the instrument will be used for the determination of the electrical properties of a plastic moulded part (insulating material).


  • Resistivity measuring range: 10 exp.-6 Ohm upto 10 exp.15 Ohm
  • Current measuring range: 0,1pA upto 1mA
  • Adjustable measuring voltage from 1V upto 500V
  • Manual or automatic range selection
  • Signalling limit by contact and beeper
  • Thermo-Voltage compensation
  • Automatic zero control
  • Adjustable timer from 10 upto 300 s
  • RS 232-interface incl. cables and PC-Software

 Download Leaflet Teraohmmeter