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Friction-/Peel Tester

Friction-Peel-Tester Model FP 2250

High end friction peel tester according ASTM D 1894, ASTM D 4521, ASTM D 3330, ASTM F 88, DIN EN ISO 8295,TAPPI T-816, BS 2782 and FINAT 1, 2, 3, 9.
The Friction/Peel tester has rapidly gained worldwide acceptance throughout industry and educational facilities as an accurate, reliable and easy-to-use instrument. Extremely versatile, this instrument measures static and kinetic coefficient of friction as well as peel properties of paper, paperboard, plastic films, adhesives, labels and packaging materials. Continuous software improvement has resulted in an enhanced testing instrument capable of measuring COF, 90° peel, 180° peel, T-peel and seal strength. The standard unit provides a load cell of choice (0.5, 2 or 10 kg), a selection of sleds and peel clamps. The unit also provides data storage with statistics and a printer output. COF- and peel-settings are saved in memory for quick retrieval for future testing. A standard
USB port provides result data and continuous curve data for PC interface.

Friction testing:
testing slip and friction properties of sheeted materials and evaluation of treatments and additives designed to minimise surface contact friction.

Peel testing:
providing both peak and average peel strength for materials such as pressure sensitive tape, adhesive labels, and low strength bonding agents. Also useful in evaluating the strength of packaging seals.


  • ASTM D 1894
  • ASTM D 5421
  • TAPPI T 816
  • DIN 53375
  • BS 2782 Pt. 8
  • ASTM D 3330 and others

Technical characteristics:

    • LCD display
    • Push-button Auto-Zero
    • Read-out directly in static & kinetic units
    • Selectable Pre-Test and Test Time
    • Selectable force units - g, kg, lbs, oz, N
    • Push-button test selection
    • USB and RS 232 serial ports
    • High speed option - upto 110 in/min.
    • Data storage and recall for 127 tests
    • Result and curve output for PC interface

Data Sheet
Dimension (WxHxD):686 x 178 x 305 mm
Weight:22 kg
Data sheet/brochure available on request
Windows-Software available

 Download Leaflet Friction/Peel Tester