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Instruments for mechanical tests

Since some years many of the considerable plastic producers have decided to make available to customers their material data over an international material data base free of charge. This CAMPUS data base is the world-wide singular and a relatively wide-spread source of information, which offers comparable material data excluding and according to obligatory international regulations.

Beside single POINT data, which describe:

  • mechanical characteristics
  • rheologic characteristics
  • thermal characteristics (incl. inflammablenesses)
  • chemical stabilities and
  • electrical characteristics

become also Mulipoint data (e.g. viscosities, stress-strain curves, etc..) offered.

Information about at the CAMPUS - system participating companies are available on the CAMPUS Website: http://www.campusplastics.com/

Official software supplier for the CAMPUS software is the company m-M-Base engineering + software GmbH.

In this chapter we would like to present some important instruments and procedures to you, which are estabilshed and standardized measuring methods at the plastic producers.

Beside the selection of a suitable testing method also the production of a standard specimen contributes a substantial portion during the determination of comparable material data. The ISO 293, 294 and 295 and/or the ISO 10724-1 and 2 describe the specimen production either in the injection moulding procedure or by presses and following mechanical (e. g. milling or punching) working of the specimens out.

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