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Universal Tensile Testing Machines

Tensile Testing Machine Series smarTens

The standard tensile testing machines model smarTens with space-saving design are versatile applicable and economical test equipments. The large application range permits the testing of plastics, elastomers, foam materials, papers, ropes, cords, wires as well as strength tests (tensile and comprression tests) at finished parts.

Technical characteristics:

  • Force range upto 20 kN
  • Expandable with different kind of Extensiometer as well as a different kind of clamping devices
  • Stand alone or PC model
  • Efficient and user friendly software

Technical data:

Type of machine



Max. testing force (kN): 3
Working space (mm): Height: 850
Width:  -
  Depth: 105
 Height (mm):   1250
 Width (mm):   380
 Depth (mm):   500
 Weight (kg):   45
 Resolution crosshead travel (um):  kleiner 0,1
 Max. testing speed (mm/min.):   1300
 Max. move back speed (mm/min.):   1300
 Power (VA):   700

Type of machine





Max. testing force (kN): 5 10 20
Working space (mm): Height: 1100 1100 1100
Width: 420 420 420
  Depth: -
 Height (mm):   1420 1420 1420
 Width (mm):  


685 685
 Depth (mm):   550 550 550
 Weight (kg):   100 100 130
 Resolution crosshead travel (um):  less than 0,1  0,1 0,1
 Max. testing speed (mm/min.):   1000 500 250
 Max. move back speed (mm/min.):   1000  500 250
 Power (VA):    700 700 700 

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Tensile Testing Machine Series proTens

The model series 28xxx with a force range of 5 kN to 1000 kN is developed modular and possesses an expandable control unit.

Technical characteristics:

  • high resolution and accuracy
  • synchronized regulation
  • modular and expandable for many applications
  • ergonomic and functional Design

The area of application of these machines covers the following markets:

  • Automotive Iidustry 
  • Plastic industry
  • Metallurgy
  • The industry of building materials
  • Air and space technology
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Medical technology
  • Cable industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Universities, lab´s and training centres
  • Textile industry

Technical data:

Type of machine






Max. testing force (kN): 5 10 10 20
Working area (mm): Height: 1100 1100 1100 1100
Weidth: 420 420 420 420
Height (mm):   1420 1420 1420 1420
   with table (mm): approx.   2000 2000 2000 2000
Width (mm):   685 685 685 685
Depth (mm):   550 550 550 550
Weight (kg):   100 100 100 130
Resolution crosshead travel (um): better than 0,1 0,1 0,1 0,1
Max. test speed (mm/min.):   2000 1200 2000 600
Max. move back speed (mm/min.):   2000 1200 2000 600
Power (VA):   700 700 1500 700

Type of machine

proTens T9-020 T3-050 T9-050 T9-100 
Max. testing force (kN): 20 50 50 100
Working area (mm): Height: 1100 1100 1100 1100
Width: 420 420 510 510
Height (mm):   1420 1420 1580 1580
Width (mm):   685 685 880 880
Depth (mm):   550 550 670 670
Weight (kg):   130 150 200 400
Resolution crosshead travel (um): better than 0,1 0,1 0,1 0,1
Max. test speed (mm/min.):   2000 200 700 350
Max. move back speed (mm/min.):   2000 200 700 350
Power (VA):   1500 700 1500 1500

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Fixtures / Grips

A various assortment of clamping devices makes an examining of different materials during guarantee for a safe and reliable wedging of the specimens.

Manually operated holding fixtures:

A large selection offers a safe restraint to materials for nearly all kind of sample geometry. Appropriate clamping jaws (smoothly, curved, grooved or coated) in connection with different effect principles (parallel, wedge-shaped, looping, etc..) guarantee an optimal test sequence.

Pneumatic holding fixtures:

Our pneumatic clamping devices are characterised by a simple operation with high efficiency. Due to the variable clamping pressure also sensitive materials can be taken up optimally. From chuck jaws up to the hand and/or foot switch operation or PC-steered solutions, which can be changed simply, we supply a custom-made configuration to you.

Hydraulic holding fixtures:

Within the force range from 20 to 2000 kN our hydraulic clamps offer a high safety standard (two-manual control). Clamping pressures for homogeneous samples (one-sided stretching) or variable sample dimensions (bilateral stretching) can be adjusted.

Special solutions:

In some cases a special solution is necessary by special geometry of the sample which can be examined or the workpiece in addition, by the kind of the test task. Also due to the experience of many years in the building of special purpose machines we can offer also here custom-made solutions for nearly all different kind of tasks to you.

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For compression-, bending- or torsion-tests at the most different specimen shapes and materials a large assortment of tools and/or devices is available.

Beside standardized 2 -, 3 or 4-point bending devices, vices for compression tests (pressure plates rigidly or with ball joint) in different sizes (also with centering devices) we supply also complex devices with reversal pendant for the use in temperature chambers. Normally the adaptation of the bending devices and/or the bending finn will be made at the force transducer. With various adapters or distance pieces we can realize the attachment of the bending devices also at compression plates or clamping devices.

For the mounting of complex construction units or finished parts for one- or multi-axial tensile or compression tests we can offer custom-made solutions.

Some examples of various supplied testing machines or applications:

  • Instruments for the automotive industry (inspection fixtures for shock absorber, doors, seats, brake systems, clutch disks, car interior equipment, etc.)
  • Tensile Tester for the execution of standardized tests (compression, tension or bending) at plastics or metals
  • Machines/software for fracture-mechanics tests
  • Tools/drives for torsional tests
  • Tensile Tester for excerpt and/or impression examinations and electrical contact contacts
  • Fatigue and bending testing machines for the cable industry
  • Spring-testing machines 
  • Compression and bending testing instruments for wood

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Temperature Chambers

For the examination under extreme temperature or climate conditions we offer suitable temperature installation chambers in the standard temperature range of -40°C (-70°) to +180°C (+250°C). These chambers can be offered for the enterprise with the following cooling agents:

  • LN 2 (liquid nitrogen)
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • Water, air or

for the employment with refrigeration compressors. The advantage with the refrigeration compressors is in the fact that e.g. no LN2 or CO2 is regularly needed.

Extended temperature range (HT furnaces) on request!

Substantial technical characteristics:

  • Rail system for the comfortable retracting and extending of the keeping at a moderate temperature chamber from the test equipment
  • Wedge modules for the easier assembly and disassembly of the inspection fixtures
  • Slot execution for extensiometers
  • Reflection-free window
  • Automatic program controller for starting different temperature/time steps controllable over software

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Extensometers are suitable for nearly all test pieces above an initial instrument gauge length (Lo) of 10 mm. They enable the determination of the module of elasticity and the restrictions of proof stress and ultimate strain. Simple handling creates the conditions for rational testing of a large number of pieces. Highly precise measurement with an accuracy up to 0.2 % of the indicated value is guaranteed.

MFA 25 / MFA 12

The MFA 25 / MFA 12 enables a travel of 25 or 12 mm by means of a rotation point system. It is suitable for plastic and metal test specimen.

Technical data:
Travel: 25 mm / 12 mm
Lo: 25...100 mm
Class of accuracy: 0.5 / 0.2 (standard EN 10002)


The extensometer MFN is available in 14 models and is based upon a modular design. Options include manual, automated and climatic chamber arms.
The MFN-A offers both a small (4 mm) and a large range. It is suitable for determining the e-modulus from very short gauge lengths and for recording
fracture elongation of Lo + ΔL = 800 mm.
The MFN-B is available as the large measuring range device. The MFN-C is available with a small measuring range.

Technical data:
Travel: max 790 mm
Smallest Lo: 10 mm
Class of accuracy depending on model: 1 / 0.2 (standard EN 10002)

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