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Digital portable field microscope

X-Loupe - Digital portable field microscope

X-Loupe, a pioneering innovation in digital portable field microscopes, capable of capturing images down to 10 microns, it is set to replace the role of the traditional laboratory microscope in a whole host of industrial, medical and scientific applications.

The digital portable field microscope is a new tool that combines a digital camera and a microscopic module. It can capture clearly objects with the sizes from 15mm down to 10 microns, which dramatically improves visual accuracy.  The X-Loupe system turns micro preview and micro photography into a simple and affordable task which can be undertaken anywhere and under any lighting conditions.  The image handling software allows annotations, measurements and report writing to be completed easily and quickly on a lap top for e-mailing or saving to disk.

Both simple and economic this system can save time and travelling as well ensuring accurate traceable documentation.


  • breach the distance of communication
  • create a higher level of communication
  • eliminate misconceptions
  • minimise the need for shipping samples
  • save time
  • reduce travel expenses

Download Leaflet X-Loupe