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Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter Type AQUATRAC

The water content is with the processing of high-quality technical plastics an important parameter for the quality of the manufactured product. The measurement should take place fast and be simple to accomplish. The new AQUATRAC measures the humidity content in granular materials and was developed for the plastic processing industry. It is durably and compactly designed and can be easily transported. Thus it can be used directly at the production place. As an absolute measurement it does not require calibrations for different substances. The sample weight is high. Thereby representative quantities can be measured.

Measurement principle:

Water and calcium hydride react with one another under hydrogen development after the following reaction equation:

CaH2 + H2O ->Ca(OH)2 + 2H2

This reaction runs off with AQUATRAC in a closed container, the reaction container. It is evacuated before the measurement with an inserted vaccum pump and heated during the measurement electrically. The water vapour freed by the heating up reacted with the calcium hydride, the pressure in the measuring system rises by the developed hydrogen. The gas pressure is strictly proportional to the quantity of water, because the reaction is specific for water. Other volatile substances are condensed in cooling case and do not take part of the measurement.
The reagent is above the heated sample of a material. The partial pressure of the water vapour in the reaction container is zero. Together with the effect of vacuum and temperature a fast reaction process results. In addition the measuring procedure without possibly disturbing presence of oxygen runs off by the vacuum.


The measuring volume essentially consists of the measuring beaker, in which sample of a material and reagent are.  The sample is weighed out, whereby the prescribed weight does not need to be kept exactly. The weight read off from the balance has to be input by the keyboard of the instrument. The sample is then given to the measuring beaker. This is evacuated in the locked reaction container by the inserted pump, which requires approx. 20 s. The obtained vacuum is indicated and approx. 5 mbar absolutely. The reaction container with the sample is afterwards heated; the temperature range is from 80° to 200° adjustable.
At the gas output of the reaction container is a cooling case located, in which volatile not-aqueous components condense, so that they do not affect the measurement. The developing pressure is converted with a pressure transducer into an electrical signal. This signal is converted with the values of temperature and sample weight, so that the announcement takes place in % water content. An acoustic signal indicates, when the measurement is terminated.

Measuring range:

Different measuring ranges are reached with AQUATRAC by different weighted-in quantities. In order to have always the gas pressure measurement with the same volume, the originally weighted-in quantity depends on the density.


As water-specific reagent calcium hydride is used in granulates form. It is not poisonous and environmental compatible, so that no complex disposal is necessary. It can be referred in package sizes by 250 g; this quantity is enough for approx. 500 measurements.

With the AQUATRAC, water contents down to some 0,0001% (1 ppm) can be measured. Therefore this equipment is also outstanding suitable for the measurement of PET.

PC connection

The AQUATRAC is equipped with an inbuilt USB and ethernet port, so that the results of the measurement can be also documented via an external PC.

Data Sheet
Measuring Range (depending on material input):0,0001% - 4%
Error (from the measuring value):+/- 2%
Error (from the measuring range):+/- 1%
Repeatability approx:+/- 1%
Temperatures:upto 200° C
Measuring Time (depending on the material):15 - 40 min
Dimension (WxHxD) approx:500 x 300 x 300 mm
Weight approx:20 kg
Power Supply:230 V, 50Hz, 400 W (115 V / 60 Hz on request)
Data sheet/brochure available on request
Windows-Software available

 Download Leaflet AQUATRAC plus - within short time available