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Viscosity Measuring Instruments

Processor controlled viscosity measuring system AVS

The standard classification of liquids and liquid substances (determination of the viscosities and/or coefficients of viscosity) in accordance with the following standards:

  • DIN 53726 (K-Value of PVC)
  • DIN 53727 (viscosity number of Pa)
  • DIN 53728 (viscosity determination of PETP, PBTP, PE and PP)
  • DIN 54270 (viscosity of Cellulose)
  • ISO 1191
  • ISO 1628

Your advantage:

  • Standard determination of the kinematic, reduced and relative viscosity and/or coefficient of viscosity
  • Comfortable software under Windows for the control and computation
  • Economical system
  • On-line processing with two different solvents and automatic cleaning system
  • Safe use of hot and aggressive solvents
  • Separate disposal of the solvents

The menu-led and user-friendly software runs under Windows and allowes the simultaneous processing of up to 8 measuring stations. The basic version of the software permits the computation of the following material values:

  • absolute dynamic viscosity
  • absolute kinematic viscosity
  • relative viscosity
  • reduced viscosity (viscosity number)
  • K-value (only with PVC)

Further results are computed: Standard deviation, Hagenbach-correction and the average value of the flow through times. For the computation of further material values optional software modules (DLL's) are available.

 Download Leaflet Viscosimeter