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Debinding oven

Debinding oven type MDL 115 with KNV

The technology of the powder injection moulding (Powder Injection Moulding - PIM) finds ever more largely becoming acceptance with the production of precise and complex construction units one. In the following ranges increasingly PIM-parts are used:

  • Ceramic(s) and porcellain industry
  • Textile mechanical engineering
  • Watch-and-clock-making industry
  • Eyeglass industry
  • Tool industry

Basis materials for the injection moulding of metal and ceramic(s) powders are sinterable powders which a suitable grain size possess. In addition belong among other things: Carbides, silicate -, oxide and nitride ceramic(s) products. During the production of  PIM-parts the process does not end after the injection moulding, but further processing steps follow like the debinding process (remove the plastic from the "green") as well as the sintering of the "brown".

For removing the plastic from the moulded part ("green") we offer the Debinding Oven type MDL 115 (modified) with a combustion unit (catalytic afterburner) type (KNV) mounted on top.

Specific features:

  • 5°C above room temperature to 350°C
  • 9 kW heating capacity for extremely short heating-up and recovery times
  • High capacity air turbine (400 l/Min.)
  • Fresh air monitoring with acoustic alarm and automatic heating cut-off
  • Viton door gasket

Equipped with:

  • Color screen program controller
  • 2 shelves, chrom-plated
  • Serial port RS 422 
    (for APT-COM®3 DataControlSystem)
  • Temperature safety device class 2 with acoustic and visual alarm
  • Catalytic after burner type KNV with integrated heat exchanger and temperature safety device
  • Integrated exhaust suction fan
  • Exhaust connection 100 mm (3.94 inch) on top


  • Shelves chrom plated or stainless steel  
  • Lookable door
  • Software

Technical Data:


MDL 115 with KNV
Exterior Dimensions (mm):
Width: 834
Height (incl. KNV and suction pipe) approx: 1700
Depth: 685
Interior Dimensions (mm):
Width: 600
Height: 435
Depth: 435
Interior Dimensions (l): 115
No. of shelves (standard./max.): 2/5
Load per shelf (kg): 20
Permitted total load (kg): 50
Temperature range (°C): 350
Temperature variation (°C):
at 70°C 2.0
at150°C 3,4
at 300°C 7,0
Temperature fluctuation (max.): +/-0,5
Heating up time to 300°C (min.): 10
Air exchange (approx. x/min.): 3
Air circulation (approx. x/min.): 40
Exhaust air volume flow (approx. l/min.): 400
Air flow velocity (m/sec.) 0,8 - 1,2

Highest permitted solvent quantity (g):

Nominal voltage (V): 230
Nominal power (W): 9000
Number of doors: 1

Other model sizes on request!

 Download Leaflet Debinding Ovens