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The permeation properties of packaging or packaging materials, also known as barrier properties, are of paramount importance in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Product protection, or the ability to keep the contents of a package from coming into contact with air, is fundamental to a proper and healthy shelf life for products. In the case of foodstuffs, one also speaks of a so-called barrier effect against gases, water vapour or even light. The instruments presented here in this section for determining gas, water vapour and oxygen permeability are used for testing barrier properties in the context of quality assurance as well as in material development. In addition to the testing of films, bags and small containers used in the food or pharmaceutical industry, other objects such as bottles, closures and taps used in the beverage industry, for example, can also be tested by means of appropriate modifications or additional accessories.

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On this linked page you will find some special applications developed by our customers with the permeability testers presented here, grouped by material type.

Permeation Measurement of Films

Permeability Tester TotalPerm - O₂, CO₂ & H₂0

TotalPerm is the only instrument on the market, based on patented technology, that performs permeability measurements on three different kind of gases. TotalPerm is offered with three different sensors for oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour. In this way TotalPerm has the ability to characterize the barrier properties of the film with three different gases testing exactly the same surface, avoiding the need of substituting the sample.

With this instrument it is possible to measure plastic films, monolayer or multilayer barrier films, metallized or with surface coating, laminated or coextruded, especially those used for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and electronics packaging applications.

TotalPerm, as well as performing tests of permeability through thin films, can be equipped with modular accessories to carry out measurements on packaging containers of various types such as bag-inbox, PET bottles and packages. TotalPerm stands as the ideal solution for companies that produce or use barrier packaging and want the highest performance in a single instrument at competitive prices. The special software TotalPerm ExtraSolution® guarantees maximum simplicity of operation.

TotalPerm complies with the norms DIN 53380-3, ASTM D3985, F2622, F1927, F1307, JIS K-7126, ISO 15105-2 for OTR measurements, with the norm ASTM F2476 for CO2TR measurements and with the norms ASTM F1249, TAPPI T557, JIS K-1729, ISO 15106-2 for WVTR measurements.

Features / Equipment:

  • 3 sensors inside
  • Sequential analysis
  • Broad measuring range
  • Long life detectors
  • Barometric compensation
  • Graphic software interface
  • Automatic humidity adjustment
  • No sample cutting required

Other versions:

  • Multi-Perm with 2 sensors for O₂-CO₂, O₂-H₂O or H₂O-CO₂
  • Perme with 1 sensor for O₂, CO₂ or H₂O
  • CarboPack BT - Carbon dioxide permeability tester with embedded controls of temperature
  • PackPerm - Oxygen permeability tester for flexible packages, stiff containers and PET bottles

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