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Worth knowing over standards:

Beuth Verlag

Search and order of DIN and ISO standards; VDI recommendations; DVS M/R; ASTM -, ASME BPVC -, IEEE -, SAE standard (US); JIS standard (JPN) as well as other Beuth informations.


Further information to national and international organizations:


DIN is the round table to determine itself at which manufacturers, trade, consumers, handicraft, service enterprise, science, technical monitoring, state, e.g. everyone, which have an interest in the standardization, build up, in order the state of the art and write down with consideration of new realizations in German standards.

ISO International Organization for Standardization

The ISO with it´s headquater in Geneva covers institutes for standardisation from 148 countries. Their consistent employment in science and economics strives the ISO for the development of world-wide standards.

Axxicon Moulds

The AIM™ (Axxicon ISO Manufactured) Quick Change Mould, used within the polymer industry, was introduced by Axxicon in 1989. It is a flexible test mould system designed to comply exactly with the internationally accepted ISO standards which are also used by CAMPUS® — the plastics database. The AIM™ Quick Change Mould is a multi-functional injection mould with interchangeable inserts, used on conventional injection moulding machines and capable of producing plastic samples for quality specimen tests according to international standards.

These types of specimen tests are commonly used to determine a materials key properties such as Tensile strength, Izod and Charpy impact strength, hardness, flammability, shrinkage and gloss/colour matching.

The AIM™ Quick Change Mould (International Standard Tool) fully complies with all the requirements for an ISO approved injection mould, with strong emphasis being placed on greater standardisation and uniformity of specimen tests. Axxicon makes sure that manufacturers operating in a global arena can ensure that a products performance is consistent wherever it is made or sold.


CAMPUS (Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards)

CAMPUS®, the world-wide most successful materials data base offers exclusively comparable material data as a sole data base in accordance with the internationally valid and obligatory standards. CAMPUS® was developed in close co-operation with the prominent raw material manufacturers. The appropriate material data bases can be referred free of charge over the respective offerers either on-line (also interactively) or on request. CAMPUS® offers among other things the following information:

  • Rheologic characteristics
  • Mechanical characteristics
  • Thermal characteristics
  • Electrical characteristics
  • Material-specific characteristics
  • Viscosity curves
  • Shear modulus/temperature curves
  • Isothermally. Tension/stretch diagrams
  • Secant module/stretch curves
  • Isochronously. Creep curves
  • Creep module/time curves

The characteristics are based on the international Stadards ISO 10350 for "single Point" data and the ISO 11403 part of 1 and 2 for" Mulit Point"data. Campus is a registered trademark of "Chemie Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH" (CWFG), Frankfurt/Main, 1991

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