Elmendorf Impact Tester

Device to display pendulum capacity results.

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Elmendorf Impact Tester (PDF)

ProTear TearTester

The original Elmendorf design

Ergonomically designed for ease of operation and conservation of laboratory space, the ProTear Electronic Model incorporates both mechanics and electronics into a singlefootprint design. The ProTear Testers provide a rapid and precise way toevaluate the tear resistance of sheet materials including paper, textiles, roofing products, plastic film, and foils.

The electronic model features a touch-screen panel that allows for a simple one-touch process to run tear tests and track data. Two different pendulums are available with various augmenting weights. The ProTear Tester offersseveral capacity configurations. The MAP4 Software can be used to evaluate the sample test results. The dynamic tear data is calculated at every point of the test to allow for real-time data as the sample tears.


  • Test Results include tear strength, tear per ply, average tear strength and tear index.
  • Quickly enter sample data - thickness, basis weight, sample ID, sample direction.
  • Obtain results as percent of pendulum capacity, grams, pounds or millinewtons.
  • Calculated Statistics - average, high, low, standard deviation, range & variance.
  • Configurable results and reports.

Features / Equipment:

  • Touch-screen menu
  • Toolless easy mount pendulums and augmenting weights
  • Electronic leveling sensor for accurate setup
  • Configurable display for results and reporting
  • Compatible with MAP4 Software for advanced analysis
  • Multi-Port connections for data export
  • One-touch pneumatic clamping and pendulum release
  • Industry Standards: ASTM D295, D752, D4247, D1424, D1922, D5734, TAPPI T414, T496, BS 2782, 4253, 4468, CPPA D.9, DIN 53862, 53128, ISO 1974,6383-2, 9290, EN21974, SCAN P11

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