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Ausschneiden von Produkten an einer Lasermaschine

Instruments for Specimen Preparation

for the production and processing of test specimens in accordance with standards for further tests of:

  • physical characteristics
  • mechanical characteristics
  • electrical characteristics
  • thermal characteristics
  • optical characteristics

.... in this chapter you will find various devices and instruments for specimen preparation.

Please consider following standards by the selection of a suitable method of preparing test specimens:

  • DIN EN ISO 294: Injection moulding of test specimens from thermoplastics ;
    • Part 1: General principles, multi-purpose test specimen (ISO mould type A) and bars (ISO mould type B)
    • Part 2: Small tension bar (ISO mould type C)
    • Part 3: Small plates (ISO mould type D11 or D12)
    • Part 4: Determination of processing shrinkage (ISO mould type F)
    • Part 5: Production of standard test specimens to determine the anisotropy (ISO mould type F)
  • DIN EN ISO 2818 plastics; production of test specimens by mechanical treatment
  • DIN EN ISO 3167 plastics; multi-purpose test specimen
  • DIN ISO 23529 General conditions for the preparation and conditioning of test specimens for physical test methods

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