Transparency Meter

Device for the precise measurement of total transmission, turbidity (haze) and image sharpness (clarity).

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haze-gard i

The objective standard for a clear view

Transparency of a product is influenced by the absorption and scattering behavior of the specimen. Visually transparency is described by two phenomena: Haze and Clarity.

The haze-gard i haze meter measures all transparency parameters in one instrument: total transmission, haze and clarity. Additionally, it simultaneously displays the results according to the ASTM and ISO standard test methods. The outstanding precision and reliability of the haze-gard i, as well as its ease of use, have made the haze meter the standard for transparency measurement in the glass, plastic, film and packaging industries.

Features / Equipment:

  • Simultaneous measurement of haze and transmission according to
    - ASTM D1003 – illuminants C and A (non-compensated method)
    - ISO 13468 – illuminant D65 (compensation method)
  • Open measurement compartment – quickly change and position small and large samples
  • Reference beam, self-diagnosis and enclosed optics ensure precise and reliable readings - any time
  • Automatic and long-term calibration allow easy and fast operation of the haze meter
  • 10 year warranty on LED light source – long-term stable results for many years
  • Versatile sample holders for films and sheets availabl
  •  Horzontal or vertical set-up - convenient sample handling for any application
  • Foot switch for hands-free operation
  • Large color touch display with symbols to select menu functions
  • Complete statistics and colorful Pass/Fail analysis
  • Direct data transfer via LAN, USB-port or via USB-stick
  • Professional data documentation and analysis with smart-lab haze software

smart-lab haze Software

Features / Equipment:

  • Product specifications are defined in standard management by setting up product groups with Pass/Fail limits
  • Products can be measured online with instant display of QC reports: Data table with statistic and line graph including Pass/Fail coloring
  • Data management in projects using trend reports to show production process stability
  • Product specs and projects can be transferred to haze-gard i and vice versa


  • ASTM D1003, D1044 / ISO 13468, ISO 14782

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