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Glow Wire Test Instrument (PDF)

Glow Wire Test Instrument according to DIN EN 60695-2-11 /-12 /-13

Tests for evaluating the risk of flammability and ignitability

Standards-compliant testing instrument of the latest generation for largely automated glow-wire tests to assess the fire hazard according to DIN EN 60695-2-11 /-12 /-13.

Non-contact IR detection of the glow wire temperature.

Features / Equipment:

  • Compact and robust table-top unit
  • Automatic test sequence after pressing the start button
  • Sled movement via motorized linear drive with defined speed
  • Contact force by means of standard weights and cable pulls
  • Temperature controller with continuous voltage output and fuzzy self-optimisation
  • MANUAL & AUTOMATIC operating modes selectable via switch
  • Glow-wire loop
  • Compact two-wire infrared thermometer with high temperature resolution
  • LED display fields for set and actual temperature, time and heating current
  • Adjustable fixture for test specimens with maximum dimensions [120 x 120 x 20] mm
  • Measuring scale for flame height
  • Measuring scale for penetration depth
  • Manual stopwatch (for checking the internal electronic timer)


  • Test chamber made of sheet steel for standard-compliant glow-wire testing
  • Exhaust air connection
  • Manual control
  • DAkkS calibration of the pryrometer

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