Hot-Tack Tester

This instrument can automatically measure the heat sealing properties of heat sealing packaging materials in an accurately controlled environment in accordance with ASTM F1921-12 test method.

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Hot-Tack Tester (PDF)

Hot-Tack Tester type HT5000

The Hot Tack Tester is a highly sophisticated instrument for testing sealing properties of packaging material according to ASTM F 1921-12.

It is being used in research and development as well as in SQC/SPC applications for raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished packaging products. The Hot Tack Tester permits evaluation of sealability and hot tack under a broad range of testing conditions to optimize packaging machine settings and to ensure consistent quality of the product. The instrument is also a practicable and helpful tool to packaging material manufacturers and end-users for incoming material inspection and for obtaining optimal production line speed.

Features / Equipment:

  • Maintenance free
  • Hot tack, peel only, seal only and rigid sample mode (optional)
  • Pneumatic protection plates for easy cleaning
  • Starting seal pressure of 0.05 N/mm²
  • Minimum sample size 250 mm
  • Maximum peeling distance 130 mm
  • Optional Build-in tablet computer
  • Optional seal bar 10 x 50mm (W x L)
  • Optional higher force measurement up to 450N
  • Optional sample feeder for full automatic measurements

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