Friction Peel Tester

The friction tester is suitable for determining the static and sliding friction value, as well as for determining peel forces.

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Friction Peel Tester (PDF)

Friction Peel Tester Type 2260

High end friction peel tester according to ASTM D 1894, ASTM D 4521, ASTM D 3330, DIN EN ISO 8295, TAPPI T-816, BS 2782 and FINAT 1, 2, 3, 9.

The Friction/Peel tester has rapidly gained worldwide acceptance throughout industry and educational facilities as an accurate, reliable and easy-to-use instrument. Extremely versatile, this instrument measures static and kinetic coefficient of friction as well as peel properties of paper, paperboard, plastic films, adhesives, labels and packaging materials. Continuous software improvement has resulted in an enhanced testing instrument capable of measuring COF, 90° peel, 180° peel, T-peel and seal strength. The standard unit provides a load cell of choice (5N / 10N / 20N / 100N), a selection of sleds and peel clamps. The unit also provides data storage with statistics and a printer output. COF- and peel-settings are saved in memory for quick retrieval for future testing. A standard USB port provides result data and continuous curve data for PC interface.

Features / Equipment:

  • Menu-guided one-hand operation
  • Stand-alone instrument with multifunctional keyboard
  • LCD display 240 x 64 mm
  • Direct display of static and dynamic friction coefficient
  • Automatic crosshead retraction
  • Memory for 128 tests (COF, peel and pull)
  • Selection of predefined parameter sets
  • Limit switch, electrically monitored
  • USB and RS-232 interface


  • Software: Windows software for displaying the force/displacement or force/time curve (also for series tests), data backup, etc.
  • Specimen clamps: mechanically acting clamping devices.
  • Equipment for delamination tests: accessories for 90° peel tests on solid materials to determine the delamination resistance
  • Accessories for 180° T-peel tests: 180° deflection unit for peel tests
  • Accessories for 90° peel tests: 90° deflection unit
  • Heating table: for measurements up to a temperature of 204°C

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