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Instruments for Mechanical Testing

A few years ago, many of the well-known plastics producers decided to make their material data available to their customers via an international material database. This CAMPUS® database (Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards) is unique worldwide and a relatively widespread source of information, which offers material data that is comparable exclusively and according to binding international regulations.

Information on the companies participating in the CAMPUS system can be found on the CAMPUS website at www.campusplastics.com or at the Material Data Center, which offers fast and high-quality information on material properties, a material comparison and detailed search options. In addition to single point data, multi-point data, a data sheet printout (pdf) and also a CO2 calculator are offered.

Further databases can be found at:

In this section you will find various mechanical testing machines and instruments which, with individual accessories, offer you a tailor-made solution with regard to your testing task and requirements.
These testing machines and devices are the basis for determining the material properties of plastics (moulding compounds, elastomers, film and sheet materials, foams, finished parts). The machines presented here are used to determine mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile/compressive and flexural strength (including elongation, modulus of elasticity, yield and elongation limits), impact or notched impact strength or also the puncture or tear propagation resistance. We can also offer you suitable testing machines and devices for the determination of characteristic values on materials such as textiles, paper and cardboard, materials for packaging, springs, construction materials, etc.
For the standard-compliant production in the injection moulding process as well as in the machining of components or plate-shaped materials, we present appropriate solutions under the heading "Instruments for Specimen Preparation".

If you are thinking about purchasing a universal or materials testing machine for tests according to DIN EN ISO 527-2 and/or similar standards - don't forget sample preparation, e.g. with the AIM-ISO mould.

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