Impact Tester

To determine the crack resistance by means of a puncture test.

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Impact Tester (PDF)

Ball Drop

Easy operating falling dart instrument according ASTM D 1709 and ISO 7765-1.

This testing instrument covers the determination of the energy that causes plastic film to fail under specified conditions of impact of a free-falling dart. This energy is expressed in terms of the weight (mass) of the falling dart from a specified height which would result in 50 % failure of specimens tested.

Features / Equipment:

  • Stable and ergonomic table design
  • New Quick-Fix clamping system provides wrinkle-free clamping
  • Easy and quick falling height adjustment by guiding lever arm
  • Pre-leveled and ready to operate instrument
  • No electrical power supply needed!


  • Film roll for continuous testing

Falling Weight Tester

Easy operating falling weight tester according to RAL 716-1 and others.

This testing instrument is designed to perform biaxial falling weight tests on window profiles, frames, pipes, etc. according to different international standards.

Features / Equipment:

  • Stable and ergonomic floor standing design
  • Anti-rebound device prevents double impact on specimens
  • Easy and quick falling height adjustment
  • Self-centering specimen clamping device
  • Different specimen vices available
  • Variable dropping height

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