Specimen Punching Machines

For punching test specimens out of soft to medium-hard materials.

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Specimen Punching Machines (PDF)

Specimen punching machines

To punch out specimens from soft to semi-hard materials. The cutting dies with and without ejectors are available in different dimensions and geometries according to the international standards. The handling of the punching machine takes place by means of lever arm or pneumatically.

Features / Equipment:

  • Different stroke length available
  • Extra rigid design of press base
  • The working height can easily be adjusted
  • Easy and quick cutting die / punch exchange
  • Our punching dies can be fitted to any kind of present punching machines
  • Punching machines can be modified for different applications, such as:
  • FNCT (full notched creep test) specimen preparation
  • Each punch is supplied with a solid support or punching table and an aborber plate


  • Gate cutting
  • Press cylinder for tablet press

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