Device for determining the specific volume resistance and the surface resistance

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Teraohmmeter (PDF)

Teraohm- & Ampere-Meter Model TO-3 | Milli- & Tera-Ohmmeter Model mTO-3

Instruments for determination of resistive properties of insulating materials by using DC methodes

Microprocessor-controlled instruments for determining the volume resistance as well as the surface resistance of insulating materials, non-metals or other materials. Measurement of resistivity and small currents is also possible. Resistance measuring range

  • 1 kΩ ... 1,5 PΩ [ TO-3 ]
  • 10 µΩ ... 180 kΩ und 0,9 kΩ ... 1,6 pΩ [mTO-3]


  • Aluminum cabinet with swivel-type handle
  • 2 LC Displays with 2 lines each
  • 7 measuring ranges, manual/automatic change over
  • START & STOP buttons to release/end test procedure
  • Controlling by instrument keys or RS232 interface
  • Indication of critical values by beeper or relay output
  • Voltage source: sustained short circuit-proof

Optional Equipment:

  • Guard ring electrodes acc. DIN IEC 60093, etc.
  • Concentric ring probes acc. ESD STM11.11, etc.
  • Shielded cabinets, high ohm test cables
  • Low ohm clamps (Kelvin type), low ohm test cables
  • 4-wire Kelvin type electrodes acc. DIN EN ISO 3915

Test Standards & Regulations:

  • IEC 62631-3-1:2016; IEC 62631-3-2:2015;
  • EN 62631-3-1:2016; EN 62631-3-2:2016; ISO 10965;
  • ASTM D 257; ANSI ESD STM11.11; DIN 53482


Protection ring electrode type SE 50

  • Electrode for measurement of volume and surface resistivity according to DIN/ IEC 60093
  • Inner measuring area: 1963,5 mm2 (Ø 50 mm)
  • Protection ring: Ø 80 mm AD, Ø 60 mm ID
  • Resulting measuring gap: 5 mm
  • Effective measuring area: 23,76 cm2
  • Maximum measuring voltage: 500 V
  • Further electrodes for measurements in the high- impedance or low-impedance range on request.

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