Pourability Tester

For checking and testing the pourability of plastics in powder and granulate form.

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Pourabiltity Tester (PDF)

Pourability tester type PM

As a check and for the control of the pourability of plastics in powder and granulates form by means of the determination of the flow through times by a funnel the pourability tester is used. The EN ISO 6186: 1998 defines two procedures (A and B), whereby from procedure A information can be derived to the processability; procedure B serves particularly for process control during the production.

The equipment consists of a mounting plate with a stable stand for the funnel holding. At the discharge of the funnel a thread for the attachment of different discharge nozzles (diameter 10, 15 or 25 mm) is designated.

The flow time is the time, in which a certain mass or a certain volume of the sample flows through a funnel with exactly defined dimensions. This time is indicated in seconds.


  • Robust an stable measuring device
  • Leveling device included
  • Adjustable feet Different nozzles included (10, 15 and 25 mm)
  • Adjustable filling funnel
  • Polished funnel

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