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When processing high-quality technical plastics, the water content is an important parameter for the quality of the manufactured product.

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Moisture Meter type Aquatrac® V

The water content of plastic material has a great influence on the quality of the finished product. The test should be made swiftly on an instrument having a simple test procedure. The AQUATRAC V is a moisture meter for use with solid products in granular form and is designed to meet requirements of the plastic processing industry. It detects water content down to 0.0005%. It is robust and portable thus being suitable for shop floor use. As the principle of operation is an absolute chemical method, no calibration is required for each different substance tested. The sample weight is fairly high and is therefore representative for the batch being tested.

The recognised calcium hydride method according to DIN EN ISO 15512:2019 as method E, Plastics - Determination of water content by the calcium hydride method, is used as the measuring method.


  • Resolution - 0.01mg / 1ppm / 0.0001% H₂O
  • Portable and robust - can be used for transport
  • Reliable and reproducible - recognised worldwide in the industry for 30 years
  • Easy handling and menu navigation - thanks to software wizard
  • Stand-alone unit - can be used without additional peripherals
  • User database - convenient control of access rights
  • Improved material database
  • high-resolution touch display
  • Managed network access

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