Environmental Chambers

For testing under extreme temperature or climatic conditions, we offer suitable temperature chambers in the standard temperature range from -40°C (-70°) to +180°C (+250°C). These temperature chambers can be equipped with a rail system for easy insertion and removal of the chamber from the material testing machine, with wedge inserts for easier assembly and disassembly of the test fixtures as well as with slotted feed-throughs for strain transducers.

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Environmental chambers

For tests in the temperature range from -70°C to +250°C with or without humidity, we supply temperature chambers (temperature kits) in proven industrial quality. Each temperature chamber is specially designed to meet the customer's requirements (max. elongation / travel, test fixture dimensions, max. temperature, handling, etc.) using standardised components.

Features / Equipment:

  • Electrical resistance heating
  • Cooling via CO2, LN2 or compressor cooling (refrigerating machine)
  • Microprocessor-controlled PID controller with RS 232 interface for temperature setting via software
  • Fixed installation or rail system for extending the temperature chamber
  • possible Temperature range -70°C to +250°C (optionally up to +600°C)
  • Retractable inserts (heated)
  • Viewing window with interior lighting
  • Slotted feed-through for external strain transducer

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