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For examining the density of plastics, density of polymers or other materials.

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Fully automatic density measurement type MVS2pro Density

The MVS2pro is a robotized system for the determination of the density of polymers or other materials by the principle of the hydrostatic pressure opportunely corrected in order to obtain the result expressed in the MV(S) unit. The system is compliant to ISO 1183-1 (Method A), ISO 2781, ASTM D792 and ISO 293.

MVS2pro is developed to replace the old and inaccurate gradient column systems used for this measurement.

Following certified standards are used:

  • 1 density standard
  • 1 mass standard
  • 1 volume standard
  • 1 polymer standard (not certified)
  • 1 standard temperature probe (certified thermometer)


  • Autosampler with a maximum of 16 samples and/or standard of density, mass or volume.
  • Measurement time of one sample in about 120 sec.
  • Constant temperature control
  • Integrated statistical quality control plan
  • Remote control and support of diagnosis Density management software

Densimeter type ALS / ALJ

The densimeter series ALS / ALJ is a laboratory type density meter for the automatic determination of the density of solids and liquids. It can be used for measuring the density of plastics (film, specimens and finishing parts) according DIN EN ISO 1183-1 and others.


  • High precise density measurement for solids and liquids
  • External / internal adjustment CAL (depending on type of densitometer)
  • Up-to-date, modern and ergonomic design Step by step user guidance
  • Calculated density indicated directly in the display
  • Sturdy casing
  • DKD certificate available

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